Rab Di Meher


Rab Di Meher is a nongovernmental organization, registered under Indian Society Act, having registration No: S/2660/SDM/NW/2016. RDM is also registered under 80G & 12A of Income Tax Act 1961. RDM means blessings of God. RDM has its registered office at plot No.25, Pocket.12, Sector.24, Rohini, New Delhi, India. Broadly RDM is committed to work for healthcare, education and sports. Everyone’s need is job oriented education, healthcare facility, house and good health. World is facing serious shortage of skilled work force hence for success skills and knowledge will go hand in hand.

Charity doesn’t mean only giving money to needy people. The better meaning of charity is to give the needy people solution by giving them opportunity to get better education, job opportunity, career counselling, resolving social disputes, giving food, giving medicine, giving advice, giving coaching classes, giving yoga training, standby in need. Try to educate one person in life, try to grow one plant for your own oxygen requirement, try to create one job opportunity, try to assist one person to get job, try to give food to at least one person daily, try to guide one person to be businessman in whole of your life, try to give school dress to at least one poor kid, try to give milk powder bottle to needy kid, try to provide drinking water to few people nearby you.

Try to arrange breakfast, lunch and dinner facility in your village temple, mosque & church. Try to connect religious place for providing healthcare services, try to meet once in a week in religious place to listen to the personal and social issues of your dear one, try to establish first aid facility nearby you religious place. Organize bhandara of food, bhandara of clothes, bhandara of winter cloths, bhandara of medicine distribution, organize camp for eye check up and specks distribution, organize camp for dental check up, organize camp for vaccination, organize camp for health and hygiene, try to buy one ambulance for your village.

Our Vision

RDM is committed to build hospitals in every district and block with yoga center and there would training center also for young healthcare job aspirants. We can achieve are target of healthcare, education and sports under single umbrella.

Our Mission

By 2030, we will build multifaceted hospital across India and across the world where quality healthcare facility is not available.



Organizing team and funds by adding members, friends, businessmen, government officials and social workers.

Presence of RDM

RDM members are now across India and across the world. Now we are associated with more than 30 countries and aggressively entering into rest of the world. Issue of India and Issue of world community is very common and the issues are job oriented education, healthcare facility, house and good health.

Current Activity

·      Giving free career counselling to job aspirants
·      Giving free counselling to those who are interested to start his or her own business
·      Meeting with students of schools, colleges and universities to understand their future plan guide them as an when required, help them financially to needy one.
·       Giving annual fee of needy students, providing them dress, shoes, books
·       Giving free summer training to students & free skills training to job seekers
·      Organizing Pharma Ratan Award to connect students with business community, job seekers with job creators, academia with pharma industry, international businessmen with Indian business community, social workers with fund raiser etc