Story started with two states, Bihar & Haryana. Gradually entered into all states of India and then across the world. Mohammad Shahbaz Alam hails from Bihar and Advocate Anita Shahbaz belongs to Haryana. Both of them completed MBA from a reputed management school Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi. Both Started professional career together and finally they got their nuptial knot while working with Akums Drugs & Pharmaceutical Ltd. Both husband and wife are co-author for two books on human resource management, published by Atlantic Publisher in the year 2009 & 2010.

Advocate Anita Shahbaz is involved in export of pharmaceutical formulation and exporting medicine to CIS and African countries. She is working as managing director with M/s.Vantage International India Inc. She is also taking charge of legal advisor for M/s. Meher Pharma International.

They travelled more than 50 countries for professional growth and to gain experience & exposure. In 2015, they were in Ukraine for business trip and going to Odessa from Kiev to see black sea. They realized that time about the gap between pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical industry and academia, Indian pharmaceutical industry and global pharmaceutical importers and other valuable stake holders. They were thinking to bridge the gap by uniting all stakeholders.

Pharma Ratan group came into existence in 2015 with high profile pharma stake holders from across the world. Shahbaz added first members to this group as D.C.Jain, chairman of Akums Drugs & Pharmaceutical Ltd, largest manufacturer in Asia, B.R.Sikri, President of FOPE, Dr.G.N.Singh, Drug Controller General of India, Ashraf Husain Pradhan, CMD, Moraph Pharma, Tanzania, Ketan Zota, Chairman of Zota Healthcare, Umesh Vohra, CMD, Universal Twin Lab, Haider Ali Sayyed, CEO Hiral Labs, Dr.Venkateshwara Varlu, Deputy Drug Controller of India to name a few honourable members.

It is an old adage, “Success begets success”. Pharma Ratan group was a market research and it went very well. Group member increased over the time. Connected manufacturers, exporter, importers, regulators, academician and other pharma stakeholders. Pharma industry responded very well and fortunately RDM came into existence as national nongovernmental organization. Founder members of RDM are Dr.Neha Raheja, Ankit Patel, Deepak Singh, Harshit Gupta, Shaikh Aamir and Vijender Singh Shekhawat. Later on included Poonam Gupta and S.Bhagwan.

Pharma industry responded very well to Pharma Ratan group performance and fortunately Pharma Ratan Award concept came into mind. First Pharma Ratan Award organized on December 23, 2016 at India International Center, New Delhi. Dr.G.N.Singh, Drug Controller General of India was first chief guest and Hon. Satish Garg, Income Tax Tribunal Appellant; Government of India was first guest of honour.

Wanted to say special thanks to almighty God and sharing gratitude for everything we have been blessed with. Family, friends, and continued support from everyone. Everyone has something special to offer, everyone has a gif that can add value to the organization, community and to the world. Pharma Ratan is our family and our family is everything.


                                                                                                "UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL"